About The Piano Bar

Step inside the funkiest, jazz, wine & cocktail bar with amazing tapas with this clip…

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The Restaurant
The menu is one of Tapas from the Mediterranean. There are 21 countries in the Mediterranean, including Spain, France, Monaco, Malta, Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Greece, Turkey, Syria, Cyprus, Lebanon, Israel, Egypt, Lybia, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco.

Our tapas menu is a mixture especially designed to give you a multi-cultural experience with tapas dishes and traditional flavors from the Mediterranean! The popularity of tapas spreads much further than Spain. You can find small plates served all around the Mediterranean. In France, it is called hors d’oeuvres; in Italy, antipasti; in Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Lebanon, Israel, and Egypt, they use the word mezze; and in Morocco, mukabalatt. Even Venice has its own custom of cicheti, the local equivalent of tapas and mezze.

Tapas is essentially a style of eating rather than a form of cooking. It means sociability, friends and family. People of a like mind talking and drinking in a relaxed atmosphere while nibbling away on little bites of intense flavour. You can keep it simple or you can make it as complicated as you like but whichever way you prefer it, tapas is best served with a suitable matched wine among friends and lively company.

You will not, I promise you, find a more pleasurable and flavor-filled experience. These ‘little dishes’ will give you a tasty little mouthful of the Mediterranean. So sit back, take your time and enjoy your tapas to the full. There is no better way to sample the real essence of Mediterranean culture.

The Bar
Behind the bar you will find an extensive wine list, beers on tap and an impressive cocktail selection made from fresh produce wherever possible.

The Music
Every night of the week, enjoy some of the Sunshine Coast’s best Jazz and Blues musicians performing live behind the Baby Grand piano. A variety of performances, from soloist to a three piece band.

Late in the night, Dimi’s collection of old vinyls will be spinning on the record player, bringing you back in time.

Don’t be surprised to be dining or have a quiet beverage to the background sounds of something a little meditteranean, from time to time.