The Menu

When our doors are open, our kitchen is open.

The Piano Bar kitchen never closes… Open from 5pm through to midnight Sunday to Thursday and 12pm lunch till middnight Friday and Saturday.  There’s now a place to dine or go for a drink every night of the week!

Tapas MENU (available all day! every day!)
Antipasto Platter (GF*) $32
Trio of Dips with Cypriot pita bread & lavosh $14
Warm Toasted Bruschetta, vine ripened tomatoes, basil & balsamic $10
Cyprus Pita Bread $6
Olive Bread (Eliopita) kalamata olives, onion, coriander with oil & balsamic $8
Marinated Mixed Olives (GF) $10
Breaded Spanish Olives fried till golden filled with 3 cheeses & ground almonds served with aioli $13
Sour Dough Crumbed Calamari with fresh lemon & aioli $17
Crab & Zucchini Fritters, crab claw meat, shredded zucchini & lemon, fried golden on a harissa aioli $16
Old Fashioned Potato Chips, oregano, sea salt (GF) $10
Marinated Mackerel & Sardines, caper salsa, lemon, olive oil, crostini $12
Grilled Cyprus Haloumi Cheese served with shaved zucchini & fennel salad (GF) $14
Paphos Village Haloumi, handmade halumi wrapped in pastry, honey glaze, balsamic, medley of nuts & zaatar $15
Octopus, marinated, slow cooked then charred over coals, served rustic with lemon (GF) $24
Seared Market Fish, citrus, fennel, zucchini & herb salad (GF) $16
Beef Carpaccio, parmesan, caper salsa, lemon, crostini (GF) $17
Burrata, prosciutto, vino cotto, crostini, olive oil (GF*) $17
Fried Artichoke, parmesan, aioli, anchovy, parsley (GF*) $16
Pan Fried Tiger Prawns, garlic, chilli, parsley, extra virgin olive oil (GF) $23
Baked Goats Cheese, roasted tomato & garlic sugo, ciabatta bread (GF*) $17
Seafood Saganaki, prawns, calamari, mussels cooked in a rich tomato sauce with feta, Ouzo & fresh herbs (GF) $24
Fried Spanish Chorizo, chick peas, spiced prune jam, roasted red pepper & coriander (GF*) $16
La Boqueria Mussels, chorizo, chilli, garlic, napoli & herbs (GF) $15
Roasted & Glazed Beetroots, feta, yoghurt, cumin & fennel seeds (GF) $16
Lamb Souvlaki, traditionally cooked over coals & served with tzatziki (GF) $17
Meatballs braised in Italian Napoli sauce with basil & parmesan $17
Sheftalias, Yia Yia’s family recipe of pork mince, lemon, cinnamon, parsley, cooked over coals, served with pita bread $17
Risotto of Duck Confit, swiss brown mushroom, thyme & sage (GF) $16
Handmade Gnocchi, gorgonzola cream & fresh parsley $17
Moroccan Chicken, spiced eggplant & preserved lemon yoghurt, garnished with toasted slithered almonds (GF) $17
Pan-seared Gnocchi, sautéed mushrooms, crispy pancetta shards, citrus beurre blanc $17
Watermelon, Feta & Pomegranate Salad, balsamic glaze & olive oil (GF) $10
Greek Salad with tomato, cucumber, lettuce, olives, feta, lemon, olives, feta, lemon, olive oil & seasoned (GF) $12
Nicoise Salad, boiled potatoes, saffron, green beans lightly cooked, boiled egg, cherry tomato, kalamata olives, anchovies (optional), aioli, olive oil & lemon (GF) $12

All cheese is served with fresh pear, lavosh & quince (GF)
– One cheese $12
– Two cheeses $18
– Three cheeses $25
– Four cheeses $32

Tiramisu, classic coffee flavoured made by our Italian Chef $16
Cypriot Baklava of scorched almonds, cinnamon & honey syrup, with vanilla bean ice cream $16
Dark Chocolate Fondant, served with vanilla bean ice cream & a rich chocolate sauce $16
Galaktoboureko, vanilla custard cream, layered with crispy filo pastry, strawberry coulis & fresh strawberries $15
Affrogatto, espresso, amaretto, ice cream $18
Loukoumades, traditional Greek dessert, light & airy ‘Honey Puffs’, drizzled with honey syrup, served with vanilla bean ice cream $10
Choose Toppings: Vanilla Ice Cream $3, Hazelnuts $2, Oreo Crumbs $2, White/Dark Chocolate Sauce $2, Peanuts $1.50, Tea Biscuit Crumbs $2
Can’t decide… How about a Dessert Platter to share $40

Gluten Free (GF)
A lot of our dishes are gluten free. See those marked with ‘(GF)’. Dishes with (GF*) we can replace the bread with a gluten free bread to make the dish GF.

Buon appetito!